We have a listing of properties all across the world. Whether you are looking for a place to stay or simply spend your vacation, you will get a property of your choice here.

Beachside house in Montecito

Price: $3,950,000

The house is set in a gated beachfront community. It’s surrounded by beautiful landscape. There are spacious patios outside and are perfect for entertaining the guest. There is a heated pool, spa, clubhouse and a tennis court. The rooms are very spacious and are ideal for your family.

Beach Villa at Fiji

Price: $495,000

This is a two-bedroom villa that is located in a lovely neighborhood in Fiji. The house has a contemporary design. There are a beautiful pool and an easy access to the beach. The landscape is well maintained. There are a clubhouse and other recreational facilities. It can be your perfect vacation home.

Waterfront Villa at Cap D’ Ail

Price: $2,234,000

It is a beautiful waterfront villa and is located near the French Riviera. This 600 sq. m. the villa has lovely panoramic sea views. There is a huge terrace on the first floor. There are four bedrooms and five shower rooms on the second floor. This floor also has a huge terrace. There are a huge dining room and chef’s kitchen. There is a swimming pool, jacuzzi, a garage and also an outdoor kitchen for the summer parties.

These properties are currently in our listing and are of very high demand. If you like any of these properties please make your reservation early.