Eco-Travel Being Lead by Costa Rica

The saying environmentally aware is tossed around freely in marketing and advertising circles and this makes it difficult to determine legitimacy in the claims. The explanation of what ecologically friendly actually involves varies and with that getting said… what country is ranked most green friendly in the world?

For more than 10 years now, Costa Rica happens to be readying themselves to be the foremost chief in succeeding as an green spot. Even the Costa Rica real estate market has reflected this.

Costa Rica VacationsAs a side-effect of all this “ecologically friendly”, this has developed a different type of of vacationer concerned with their ecological affect that has given birth to a new and improved eco-friendly tourist.

A current report has revealed a spike in trending vacation goers who are concerned with how much of an bearing on the environment their trips will have which include accommodations, vehicles and even tours.

In this research study, Tripadvisor established that the #1 most eco-friendly tourism destination on the globe is…Costa Rica!

Alongside Costa Rica topping the research study, this would evidently have a very good positive affect on the already flourishing Costa Rica tourism niche and a few more. This according to Costa Rica Vacations COO Trevor Berkowitz

Another industry stimulated in a positive way by the international eco-awareness phenomena is the real estate market.

Just before the global crisis hit the industry alongside the most hope was the Costa Rica real estate sector — MSNBC even called it the trendiest on the earth. Then, although late, the effect of the planetary financial crisis struck the modest Latin American nation of approximately 4.2 million.

Before anyone knew…it hit like a wall of concrete.

But that was the past and now…

vacation packagesConsidering all the attention toward getting more “green”, corporations and savvy investors worldwide are beginning to look at investments in the Costa Rica real estate industry.

Just Imagine the advertisements benefit with having the liberty to market your hotel or resort as, “green environmentally aware establishments” situated in the heart of the rain forest while over-looking the precious beaches along the great Pacific Ocean.
All of this is conceivable here given the foundation has been planted via years of marketing by ICT and other authoritative companies seeking to entice clients to their businesses. Not forgetting the natural and organic beauty of this wonderul region that helped it in becoming the most eco-friendly region in the world